Sterling Silver Jewelry

Any Orisa piece** or Akuaba (large)*

(Opon Ifa, Obatala, Aganju, Oya, Yemoja, Olokun, Babalu)

$175.00 ea./$140.00 ea. (min. purchace of 6)


Orisa: Elegba, Ibeji, Osun, Ogun, Osoosi, Sango

$150.00 ea./$120.00 ea. (min. of 6)

*Small Akuaba -$75.00 ea./$50.00 ea.

(min. purchase of 6)

**(For Odu customized Opon Ifa add $50.00)


Silver Mami Wata and Omama Osun

$200.00 ea./$150.00 ea. (min. of 6)


!!Costume Jewelry!!

Any Orisa piece or Akuaba (large)*

$20.00 ea./$168.00 per dozen (1 to 6 dz.)

$144.00 per dz. (min. 6 dz.);

$120.00 per. dz. (min. 12 dz.)

(Mixed/Assorted orders for 2+ dzs.)

*Small Akuaba-$7.00 ea.

(special orders taken for minimum purchase of 6 dz.)


Conditions of Contract

Terms: All orders must be prepaid for the full amount due. Title shall pass upon delivery of goods to the carrier and thereafter risk of loss shall be upon the purchaser. Merchandise shipments shall be subject to delay, reduction in quantity, and other changes caused by strike, acts of government, acts of God, and other conditions beyond the reasonable control of the seller and to price prevailing at date of shipment. This and all orders are subject to approval and acceptance by Iron Pot Co.. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice and shall be those in effect at shipment time. All sales are final. No returns and No refunds. Merchandise credit will be given.

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